Learn The Different Types of Inflatable Kites

The Different Types Of Inflatable Kites


Deciding to take up kitesurfing can feel like a pretty big step. You have to invest quite a few bucks to ensure that you can get out on the water and to have a kit that performs well and will ensure that your riding progresses. Before you buy your kiting gears, you must first know the different types of kites. Kites have two categories based on their design: the inflatable kites and the foil kites. Here, we're going to focus on the types of Inflatable Kites.


Inflatable Kites

Inflatable kites feature plastic tubes within the leading edge which are pumped full of air to give the kite its shape provide flotation when it falls into the water. There are four types of inflatable kites: C-Kites, Bow Kites, Hybrid Kites and Delta Kites.


The C Kite

The C-kite is the original and oldest kite design. It has square corners and forms a deep C-shaped arc when flying. C-Kites don't have bridles and feature flat square wing tips. It gets its characteristic shape from its lines, which are attached at the four corners of the kite. However, they are not the best pick for beginners because they generate a lot of power and lift. Nevertheless, they give a good overall stability when unhooked.


Bow Kites

This style of kite is one of the newest in the market. Its defining characteristic is the shape of the trailing edge, which is concave. Because of its shape, it is sometimes called a flat kite. Its shape also enables it to perform differently than C and Hybrid kites. The bow style kite has bridles that are attached to its leading edge making it a Supported Leading Edge (SLE) kite. These bridles are essential to help hold the kite in its flat shape. Without them, the wind would force the kite into a sharp curve, just like a C- kite. This type of kite can be easily depowered and relaunched. It also gives an excellent upwind performance and will excel in light and strong winds making it ideal for races and speed environments.


Hybrid Kites

The Hybrid kite was developed in order to merge the benefits of C and Bow kites into one kite. Since hybrids are a fusion of two different styles, their design can vary greatly. In general, hybrids come be those which are almost identical to C- kites, those which are similar to Bow kites and the rest fall somewhere in between. The Hybrid Kite is a supported leading edge (SLE) kite because it has bridles attached to its leading edge. Hybrids give the feel and powered turns of C-Kites and the safety and depowering tools of a Bow Kite.


The Delta Kite

Delta kites are bow kites with a much more swept back wing profile. With its D-shapes, short and fat profile, the Delta Kite is incredibly easy to relaunch, offer forgiving piloting and impresses in a wide range of winds. They can be used by beginners, free riders, big air specialists, race and wave kitesurfers.

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